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How to Choose the Right Goals for YOU

Everyone has a goal and a dream, right? But some people are more successful in achieving their goals than others. Many reasons could be attributed to this. The right connections, natural talent, or even sheer luck could be the reasons. However, more often than not, people who achieve their goals are people who chose the right goals in the first place. If we really want to be successful in life, we have to choose the goals that are right for us.

So how do you choose? You need to ask yourself the following questions:

What are my values? The goals you make must be in line with your values. For instance, if you want to make quick money without really having to work hard, you can as well become a conman. But if honesty is one of your values, then you are not likely to succeed.  Your values will take priority over any other desires that you might have. Therefore, think about what is meaningful to you.

What are my strengths? Strengths are more or less things that you seem to naturally possess. People have different strengths, and it is important to you discover yours. Your strength could be good judgment, open-mindedness or even the ability to convince others to do what you want.  A goal that taps into and utilizes your strengths is a better bet than one that doesn’t.

What do I love doing? It is hard to answer this question especially if you spend a lot of time doing what you have to be doing. However, if there are things that you get lost doing and even lose track of time, those are the things you love doing. Think back to when you were young. What did you spend most of your time doing and actually enjoyed? Maybe those passions can still be put to use now.

What do I want my ideal day to look like? Make sure that the reality of what you think you want to do actually meshes with the way you like to operate. Take some time to outline your ideal day. What types of things would you do and when? Use this schedule as a test for any goals you may be considering. How well will they fit into your day?

What’s required to reach this goal and will I enjoy the journey? Despite the fact that you sometimes need to make sacrifices to achieve your goals, you are on the wrong path if everything you must do to achieve your goals is a struggle and a sacrifice. It won’t be long before you contemplate quitting. If the journey towards achieving your goal is not going to be enjoyable, why bother? You will not only likely fail to ever reach your goal, but you will also make yourself miserable in the process.

Achievable goals are well thought out and match who you are, what you do well, and what you want out of life. Take time to think about where you are going and why before you make those goals.


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Sean Coyne

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