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Book Review: To Sell is Human

Daniel Pink is the author of the book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and he stated that we all are here to sell something by convincing, persuading and influencing others. He calls this non- sales selling and most of the human are involved in non- sale selling. Sales are an important part of many people’s life even though it is in decline state. Author describes various reasons behind its decline.

Daniel describes that from the last some years sales have changed because of the internet. Most of the online sellers are small entrepreneurs and they have no sales force to attract customers and that is why they are their own sales forces.

Pink writes that economic conditions have changed the organizational structure and that is why they are forced to go flat. In today’s world every one is a seller. To get a job in large companies also require some selling techniques and same is the case with health and education industry. In hospitals patients are asked to follow the prescription and in universities students are convinced to pay attention.

Author writes that “To the smart set, a sale is an endeavor that requires little intellectual throw weight – a task for slick glad-handers who skate through life on a shoeshine and a smile”. Buyers are now well informed as compared to the past due to the online shopping they can check ratings and reviews before buying any product and that is why it’s better for the seller to be honest and fair because selling a product with the bad rating will damage his business.

He wrote that the traditional mantra of selling Always Be Closing has been replaced by a new ABC and which is Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity. Attunement means that a successful seller is that who knows the buyers mindset because buyers have the real power to increase sales. According to various studies Extroverts are not good sellers because they don’t take the time to become attuned.

Buoyancy is all about staying positive even after rejected several times and in order to survive those rejections you should not consider yourself that I am the best seller but be humble and you should ask your self can I succeed?. Optimistic attitude can make you a successful seller.

Clarity is having the ability to clarify your offers. Labels and names should be nice and attractive. Always focus on your abilities instead of focusing on past achievements. Emphasize on the experience that the buyer will have by selecting your product. Market your product by keeping in mind that what will be the buyer’s reviews on your product.

Pink wrote that a successful seller should not have any argument with their buyers. Listen to them and take it as offers not objections. Give them your suggestion but don’t argue with them. Arguing with a buyer is not at all a good option.

A good seller believes in a good service. They know the importance of the products to their buyers. A best seller should improve his customer service by incorporating welcoming messages in their selling. According to the author, selling is important and it’s in human nature to sell as it is showing in his title.

Sean Coyne

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