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The Best Bosses Do These 8 Things Constantly

In managing a large number of employees or interns in an organization, good leadership skills are required in order to guarantee the success of the organization. One of the main leadership skills that bosses can use to motivate employees includes communication. Communication skills in the organization is said to be the make-or-break factor for a successful leadership. There are eight phrases that exceptional bosses can communicate to their employees daily that may lead to skyrocketing performance in the company.

  1. ‘I have total confidence in you’

Using the above mentioned phrase means that the bosses believe in the skills and abilities of the employees. Employees prefer working environments that are free from supervision or have minimal supervision. Therefore, bosses who are known to believe in their employees always refrain from meddling with the employees, leaving them to work to the best of their potential.

  1. “This is what I want us to accomplish”

Exceptional leaders always communicate their plans and incorporate them in the day to day activities in the organization. This will go a long way in ensure that organizational goals are achieved. The best way to motivate and inspire employees is to give them a reason as to why they are doing it instead of merely doling out orders.

  1. “What can we do better next time?”

Human is to error, therefore there no one is assured of not doing a mistake. The above phrase turns the mistakes done by the employees into a learning experience. Equipping the employees with a quick turnaround after a mistake guarantees more productivity rather than complaining.

  1. “I want to play to your strengths.”

Different people in an organization contain different skills and abilities. The truly gifted employees cannot be interchanged. It is therefore of great importance to embrace uniqueness to ensure that individuals are not treated as expendable and hence great things are achieved.

  1. “What is your opinion?”

Seeking advice from employees by bosses can be said to be involving them in making core decisions of the organization. By asking for employees opinions, bosses show that they trust and have faith in their inputs.

  1. “How can I better support you?”

Preventive approach is one of the best ways to reduce employee turnover. Bosses should take time to see and ask how their employees are doing. Showing concern towards the employees may prompt the employees to want to do the same for their employers and also the company.

  1. “Let me know if you have any questions.”

Allowing questions, ensures the availability of an open door policy which is a clear indication of teamwork and open communications. In fact, the faster the questions are answered, the faster the employees can go back to work and be productive.

  1. “Good work.”

It is very important to acknowledge the work of the employees. Bosses should take a few minutes of their time to invest in well-deserved praise as the employees will always appreciate and hence continue being productive.

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