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Why Millennials Keep Dumping You: An Open Letter to Management

Attracting and retaining top millennial talents has become one of the latest trends. Most of the successful organizations such as G adventures, Google, and Hootsuite are filled with millennials who have special skills and talents. One of us, Elizabeth, wrote this letter to shade some light on what top millennials want and how leaders can ignite the “energy of a thousand suns.”

“You hired us due to the different unique abilities we posses. We are six months into working and giving all we have when suddenly we quit. Though, you still need us since we are the ones who have mastered social media, who have the energy of a thousand suns and will ensure that the work is done at the end of the day. I have worked in a number of companies, had bosses ranging from 24-64 and seen my peers quit. I have quit a few times too. The following is the reason behind your millennial’s resignation letter:

  1. You tolerate low-performance.

It is downright irritating for me to be working to the best of my abilities while other colleagues contemplate how long is too long to take for lunches. I start to wonder why the management tolerates such behaviors. Poor performers have a chilling effect on everyone.

  1. ROI is not enough for me.

I spend most of my Sunday thinking how I can create a good impression on my customers. But when it comes to Monday mornings, ROI and cash flow issues become a hindrance to my plans and therefore, I am forced to listen to financial shortages reports in company meetings. Come to think of it, I was making more many on other temporary jobs in college. The main issue here should be about how we can make a big difference not your ROI reports.

  1. Culture is more than free Panera.

Don’t confuse culture with collateral. Company culture such as free lunches and foosball are not an inspiration for me to be more creative though I appreciate them. I need to be in the company of individuals who have the same passion as I do towards my job. I need an innovative manager who views things differently. A purposeful culture drives exponential sales growth.

  1. It’s ok to get personal.

Treat me like a number and I will prove the millennials are unstable notion to be right. The job will become nothing more than my rent payment. Before you know it, I will lack purpose leading to my resignation from the company. As the management, you should know that I crave for purpose in my work. I will work to the best of my abilities but I need to know it makes a difference to something bigger other than your bank account.”

Successful leaders put purpose before profit and they wind up with skyrocketing revenues.


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Sean Coyne

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