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Book Review: The Five dysfunctions of a team

Patrick Lencioni is an American writer and in his book he portrays a story of a company who is struggling to find new opportunities. He described in his book that whether you are capable or not, each and every team has gone through some rough patch in their life. He presented a very practical model that can be followed to get out of that struggle. Patrick presented a story of a struggling technology company. The new CEO is aware of the fact that the company has got some abilities and talent but the executives are not...

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Start with Coaching to Master Delegation

Delegating a task to a subordinate staff member is not an easy task as many senior leaders would have imagined. Simply providing instructions is not enough to relieve you of your responsibility and freeing up a little time in your schedule. In reality, however, it is not that simple. We have witnessed leaders having to rush in at the last minute to save a botched deliverable because the employee did not do it right. And doing so would mean the employees will not have the opportunity to learn creative solutions. Employees end up being discouraged...

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Book Review: Scaling Up Excellence

Bestselling author Robert Sutton and his Stanford colleague Huggy Rao wrote ‘Scaling Up Excellence’ after researching for various years they have uncovered that how successful companies spread excellence throughout the company which is called ‘scaling up’ and how they handled those behaviors that came in their way of success. In ‘Scaling up excellence’, they have shared some outstanding and inspiring stories. According to the writers, success depends on the personal will and abilities of each and every employee of an organization. Excellence can only be achieved by team work; it cannot be achieved by moving one...

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Make Meetings More Productive By Defining Their Type

If you are hosting a meeting or you just have to attend one, it is important that you clarify the type of meeting if you want to make it more efficient. Everyone will be on the same page, and the meeting will be more productive as you will spend the time talking about what is important. Keeping in mind the type of the meeting, it becomes possible to make sure the conversation is on track. There are three major types of meetings with each type suited for a unique purpose: Decision making: by the end of...

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Book Review: Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell wrote his third bestselling book ‘Outliers’ in which he presented his thoughtful examination on the reason behind successful people. He states that these ‘outliers’ are not successful because of the common phenomena that most successful people are self made. They are successful because of the cultural environment and opportunities that were not available to others and that’s why those opportunities transformed them into a successful person. Gladwell wrote about a small town of Roesto, which was known for their low rate of heart disease. According to a report, the reason behind lower heart disease...

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