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Book Review: Good to Great

Good to Great by Jim Collins was published in 2001 and it is regarded as a modern classic of management theory. He discussed and identified some key factors that can convert good or average companies into a great company. Collins selected various companies like Abbott, Well Fargo, Phillip Morris, Circuit City, Kimberly-Clark and many others to show that these companies have sustained their growth as compared to other companies in the market. He explained through various facts and figures that companies who have transformed from Good to Great are those companies who have followed three main rules....

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Book Review: Drive -The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us

Daniel Pink’s book Drive –The surprising truth about what motivates us illustrates that most people think that money is the only reward to motivate people. In most cases giving carrot and stick approach to motivate people is wrong and giving same punishment and reward options over and over again will not bring best performance out of people. He states that “The problem with making an extrinsic reward the only destination that matters is that some people will choose the quickest route there, even if it means taking the low road. Indeed, most of the scandals and...

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Book Review: Turn the Ship Around

David Marquet is a retired Navy officer, he divides his book ‘turn the ship around’ into three parts, first part is a biography, second part is self improvement and in the third part he gave business advice. In his book he described that in order to test his soldiers he gave them an impossible order and by doing so he later realized that he himself became a better leader. Author described that it is important for a leader to have a complete expertise in his work. In the Navy, captains attend various training courses, studies their...

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Book Review: To Sell is Human

Daniel Pink is the author of the book ‘To Sell Is Human’ and he stated that we all are here to sell something by convincing, persuading and influencing others. He calls this non- sales selling and most of the human are involved in non- sale selling. Sales are an important part of many people’s life even though it is in decline state. Author describes various reasons behind its decline. Daniel describes that from the last some years sales have changed because of the internet. Most of the online sellers are small entrepreneurs and they have no...

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Book Review: The Five dysfunctions of a team

Patrick Lencioni is an American writer and in his book he portrays a story of a company who is struggling to find new opportunities. He described in his book that whether you are capable or not, each and every team has gone through some rough patch in their life. He presented a very practical model that can be followed to get out of that struggle. Patrick presented a story of a struggling technology company. The new CEO is aware of the fact that the company has got some abilities and talent but the executives are not...

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Book Review: Scaling Up Excellence

Bestselling author Robert Sutton and his Stanford colleague Huggy Rao wrote ‘Scaling Up Excellence’ after researching for various years they have uncovered that how successful companies spread excellence throughout the company which is called ‘scaling up’ and how they handled those behaviors that came in their way of success. In ‘Scaling up excellence’, they have shared some outstanding and inspiring stories. According to the writers, success depends on the personal will and abilities of each and every employee of an organization. Excellence can only be achieved by team work; it cannot be achieved by moving one...

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Book Review: Outliers

Malcolm Gladwell wrote his third bestselling book ‘Outliers’ in which he presented his thoughtful examination on the reason behind successful people. He states that these ‘outliers’ are not successful because of the common phenomena that most successful people are self made. They are successful because of the cultural environment and opportunities that were not available to others and that’s why those opportunities transformed them into a successful person. Gladwell wrote about a small town of Roesto, which was known for their low rate of heart disease. According to a report, the reason behind lower heart disease...

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Book Review: Leaders Eat Last

Simon Sinek’s second book is the extension of his previous best seller book ‘Start With Why’. He presented in his book that Why plays an important role in building an organization by describing various motivational stories. In his book, he described that true leaders are those who have the strong ability to protect others by sacrificing themselves. Simon explains in his book “Leaders Eat Last” that there are two type of employees one type of employees are those who love their jobs and the others are those who are unsatisfied with their jobs. Job satisfaction depends...

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Book Review: Start with Why

Simon Sinek wrote in his book that it is very easy to motivate people but to have that ability to inspire someone is quite difficult. Great leaders have that strong inspirational ability that people followed them not because they want to gain some advantage but due to the fact that they were truly inspired by those leaders. In his book he introduced ‘Golden Circle’ which revolves around Why, How and What. The most important thing is that Great Leaders always put Why first because people know what they do and how they do but they are...

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Book Review : The Checklists Manifesto

  Failures are easily avoidable if we make some sort of checklist in our life and that’s what Atul Gawande explained in his book ‘The Checklists Manifesto'.  Atul explains that it doesn’t matter that which field you belong to, if you make a simple checklist and properly implement it in your life then you can easily avoid failures not only in medicine field but also in other fields like finance, aviation and construction. Gawande described in his book that in the field of medicine, we do not fail because of the lack of knowledge of our work...

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