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The Best Bosses Do These 8 Things Constantly

In managing a large number of employees or interns in an organization, good leadership skills are required in order to guarantee the success of the organization. One of the main leadership skills that bosses can use to motivate employees includes communication. Communication skills in the organization is said to be the make-or-break factor for a successful leadership. There are eight phrases that exceptional bosses can communicate to their employees daily that may lead to skyrocketing performance in the company. ‘I have total confidence in you’ Using the above mentioned phrase means that the bosses believe in...

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5 Simple–and Cheap–Ways to Build Office Culture

My office wasn’t much to look at as it barely had the latest office luxury. However, there was a rooftop patio where my team and I could go relax, admire the view and have a drink. I believe to this day that the rooftop and the culture created was the reason among others, which my team stuck around. Company culture is what inspires employees to constantly come to work and to work hard. Some of the company cultures include benefits and opinions plans, company retreats and sleek offices. However, building culture doesn’t always need to...

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Empathy in the Workplace

Empathy in the workplace may not sound particularly sexy off the bat. We tend to love TV shows and movies that portray workplace dramas. We like the feeling of being right. Sometimes, it seems like there is no better feeling than to despise a boss, an enemy-co-worker, or an overly demanding client. Having something or someone to rail against can create a sense of purpose. Ultimately, though, that version of purpose is the kind that can keep us up at night, can increase stress and unhappiness, and lead to health problems. Coming at our work from...

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